Our Sustainable Responsibility

Rewilding souls and enhancing lives, while saving wildlife and wild spaces.

Sustainable travel is part of Belo Luxury Safaris since the beginning, we’ve strived to work with local people and businesses in our destinations. Not only do we feel this gives you the best experience, it also brings benefits to local communities. As a result, local people are motivated to preserve what attracts visitors, be it their culture, wildlife or environment. Conversely, we actively avoid ‘tourist traps’. There’s plenty you can do on your trip to travel the right way, from recycling to being aware of cultural sensitivities, as well as acting as our ‘eyes and ears’ for the great, and not so great. Our commitment to being on the thoughtful and sustainable end of travel, resulted in our partnership with Travelife – a leading training, management and certification initiative for tourism companies committed to reaching sustainability and to deliver verifiable impact around the globe.

Our Vision on Sustainability:

Belo Luxury Safaris and Sustainability: It is our responsibility to ensure the sustainable development of tourism and make Kenya a better place for people to live in and a better place to visit. With this aim we are working to minimize our environmental impact and promote our cultural heritage

Belo Luxury Safaris and Environment: The fundamental core of our activity is people & wildlife as well as the protection of our forests, oceans & culture. Our Tours primarily include Eco-Rated and classified Properties within East Africa and we pride ourselves in supporting local communities through excursions that benefit them with a direct income. Our Tour guides are involved in local wildlife counts

Belo Luxury Safaris & Leadership: We strive to have a low carbon footprint on our environment and have trained our guides with environmentally friendly practices while out on safari including a strict code of ethics around our precious wildlife. Our Management is striving to implement Eco Practices in both our head office in Nairobi & whilst out on Safari including a partnership with Travelife

Our Sustainability Pillars

Wildlife Conservation
It’s one thing to visit a country, it’s another to take part in the mission to rehabilitate and rebuild its wildlife. We believe that preserving the continent’s delicate ecosystems and wildlife is a joint effort which should be practiced by both locals and international travelers. Our conservation safaris promote lodges who actively partake in wildlife conservation and offer guests the unique opportunity to participate in projects alongside industry experts.

Community Impact Our carefully selected suppliers in Africa support responsible travel and actively work to empower the local communities in the area that they operate in. Our team can recommend a number of vetted initiatives and organizations to add to your itinerary that will allow you to connect with the people and culture of the destination that you visit. We can also recommend a number of luxury safari lodges that are owned and run by the local people for your trip.

Environmental Awareness Preserving Africa’s natural resources is imperative to Belo Luxury Safaris. We choose eco-sensitive properties that have a limited impact on their direct environment and encourage guests to be aware of their consumption of natural resources during their trip. In an effort to decrease our clients’ carbon footprints, each trip booked with us includes a donation to Seedballs Kenya, a forest restoration and greening project in Kenya.

What can you, as a tourist, do?

Here are some tips that will help you to enjoy your trip, and leave with the confidence that the destinations you visit will not be damaged by your presence, once you return home.
  • Ditch single-use plastics: By choosing reusable bottles and bags wherever you go, you can help ensure there is less plastic waste in the ocean and other habitats.
  • Be ‘water wise’: With a growing number of places experiencing water scarcity, the choices you make can help ensure people have adequate access to water in the future. By foregoing a daily change of sheets and towels during hotel stays, we can save.
  • Buy local: When you buy local, you help boost the local economy, benefit local communities, and help to reduce the destination’s carbon footprint from transporting the goods. This is also true at mealtimes, so enjoy fresh, locally grown produce every chance you get.
  • Please don’t feed the animals’: Sharing food with wildlife or getting close enough to do so increases the chances of spreading diseases like cold, flu and pneumonia from humans to animals. Also, when animals get used to receiving food from humans, their natural behaviors are altered, and they become dependent on people for survival. In some cases, it can also lead to human-animal conflict.
  • And don’t eat them either!: By creating the demand, consuming endangered or exotic animals leads to an increase in poaching, trafficking and exploitation of animals. Besides the harm done to the individual animal on your plate, irresponsible dining can contribute to the extinction of species already threatened by climate change and habitat loss. Keep this in mind when shopping for souvenirs as well, and steer clear of products made from endangered wildlife.
  • Dig into the local cuisine. You'll delight your taste buds and support the local economy.
  • Do your homework: Before your travel, educate yourself about your destination. Doing so will allow you to better immerse yourself in local traditions and practices and appreciate things that might have gone unnoticed otherwise. With the right information, you can explore a destination in a more sensitive manner and surprise yourself with new adventures and discoveries.
  • Don’t leave a trace: You can make a mark by not leaving a mark on your vacation destination. Put garbage in its place to avoid litter, and don’t remove or alter anything without permission. Let’s make sure we leave only soft footprints, and not the environmental kind.
  • Tell your friends:it’s time spread the word! Inform fellow travelers, friends and family about how sustainable tourism benefits local people by enhancing their livelihoods and well-being, and helps all of us by safeguarding our beautiful environment.

Our sustainable partners

We strive to make a difference continuously and are ready to learn and improve where possible. Download our Sustainality Policy here for your reference.
For more information about our Sustainability principles, policies or initiatives, please contact our sustainability co-ordinator - info@belosafaris.com