bird watching safaris

Bird Watching Safaris

Bird Watching Safaris

As the saying goes – ‘if you are keen on birds you are never bored’! The birdlife of Africa is spectacular and you do not have to be experienced or especially dedicated to really enjoy seeing them.

From soaring eagles, vast flocks of flamingos and colourful kingfishers to rare specialties such as Shoebill and Pel’s Fishing Owl, it is hard for even the most avid predator fan not to also appreciate the birdlife around them. Countries like Uganda and Kenya boast in excess of 1000 species! Landscapes vary in Africa and any safari itinerary should offer a fantastic variety of birdlife.

If you are keen to include some general bird-watching in your holiday, then that is easy to arrange and it will to a large extent happen naturally. Many of the camps and lodges which we recommend have good birding guides, and it is relatively straight forward for us to ensure you are looked after by a guide that enjoys and understands birding.

If you are very keen and have certain species that you specifically wish to see, then we can help too. We have a very good understanding of what is possible ourselves, but for truly specialist birding trips we also have the necessary contacts throughout East Africa, and we would strongly recommend that you consider hiring a specialist birding guide for some or all of your holiday.

Whether you are a general birder or an avid enthusiast, please email us your requirements.