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Egypt , Kenya , Tanzania Discover Destinations

In Kenya or Tanzania, a camel safari will connect your senses to the extraordinary beauty around you in a much more intimate manner than you’ll ever find on a traditional game drive, at a pace best suited to enhance exploration and discovery. To leave phones, Internet and the intensity of modern-day life far behind for a few days is a genuine refreshment for the spirit.

Combine camel riding and walking through the less travelled regions of East Africa. From your leather saddle on the back of your camel, you will set off around the savannah, at a leisurely pace to enjoy the magnificent views stretching as far as the eye can see.

As you are immersed in Kenya’s vast Northern Frontier District or the remote beauty of Northern Tanzania  on foot or on camel back, you can’t help but reflect on early pioneers who set forth into unknown territories and saw the same fierce beauty. As you walk or ride along the Milgis Lugga River or trek into the Ndoto Mountains or Mathews Ranges, the raw landscape continually surprises, challenges and inspires.  You may want to alternate between walking and camel riding from the Mount Meru volcano to Mount Longido and the small Maasai village located there.  Those looking for longer camel safari combined with hiking can tackle Mount Kilimanjaro followed by a camel safari to the Ngorogoro Crater.

With camels to assist with the load as you walk alongside the tribal warriors who accompany you, you’ll become versed in natural history, the environment, local culture and ancient traditions. Each trek is custom-designed to suit your individual interests, creating a highly interactive and personalised experience in an extraordinary part of the world.

You can plan your own camel safari according to your specific needs. You can combine the camel safari with other walking safari and cultural activities.

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